6 Fun Places to Have Sex if You Live in the Residence Halls

So you're a college student living in the residence halls. Living in a tiny room with one other person can be both a blessing and a curse. You learn how to live with someone in close proximity. You learn problem-solving skills. You become an expert at tetris because how else are you going to be… Continue reading 6 Fun Places to Have Sex if You Live in the Residence Halls


Masturbation is Exploration

One day, I was talking to my friend and she told me she had never had an orgasm during sex. When I asked why, it was because she was uncomfortable and didn't know how. I told her if she had ever masturbated. She looked at me as her face turned scarlet and replied, "I've never… Continue reading Masturbation is Exploration

The Kink

Men Like Butt Stuff

If you've seen Deadpool, I am sure you remember the scene where Deadpool's girlfriend had him on all fours, ready to celebrate International Women's Day with a strap-on. A typical, heterosexual guy will not admit it, but they do like butt stuff. In fact, ¬†according to the report,¬†Sexual Behavior, Sexual Attraction and Sexual Identity in… Continue reading Men Like Butt Stuff