6 Fun Places to Have Sex if You Live in the Residence Halls

So you’re a college student living in the residence halls. Living in a tiny room with one other person can be both a blessing and a curse. You learn how to live with someone in close proximity. You learn problem-solving skills. You become an expert at tetris because how else are you going to be able to fit everything in your room.

One of the biggest problems you will run into living in the residence halls, though, is your sex life. Unless you were gifted with a roommate who is never there, finding the right time to get your freak on can prove to be difficult. Some people resort to doing it while their roommate is sleeping, but that can lead to problems such as accidentally waking up your roommate (and that’s just disrespectful).

So how can you have a sex life when your 2:00AM booty call texts or you want to make love to your lover? With a little creativity and some advice from a sexpert (I am not certified but I have some fun stories), you can learn to get your socks off without having to worry about your roommate.

Go To His Place

If your roommate is cock-blocking your vagina, see if his place available. If he lived in the halls, maybe his roommate is gone for the night. Maybe he doesn’t have one. It doesn’t hurt to ask. It’s even better when he lives off campus, because most likely he has his own room.


One of my favorite places I ever had sex was in the stairwell of the building I lived in. I lived in the towers, so there were a few extra flights at the top that proved to be a fun place to get my fix. It’s important to note to avoid the main staircase. Use the side entry ones. This might test the strength of your partner because the floors are quite dirty, so some wall action might be necessary.


If you and your partner are daring, this will prove to be fun. In order for this to work, you must know when your resident assistants (RAs) go on their rounds. At my university, it’s usually 8PM, 10PM, 12AM, and 2AM. They tend to check the bathrooms to make sure no one is “misbehaving.”

In order your your man to not get caught sneaking into your shower, bring your phone with. Text him when the coast is clear and remind him to bring his towel so he isn’t walking naked in the hallway! If your shower locks, leave it unlocked so he can sneak inside. When you’re all finished, you have to be the first to get out to scope out whether the coast is clear.

The Car

You might be out of high school, so car sex might seem juvenile; however, if you know your college town you might be able to find a secret spot. If you don’t want to venture too far from your parking lot, figure out what times the parking lots get checked so you can get your groove on in the unlit back of the parking lot.

Explore the Outdoors

If you’re not afraid to get down and dirty, going outside is a fun way to escape your roommate to have sex. After a drunken night, I had sex with my friends with benefits behind a bush behind my residence hall. While I was noisy, it did prove to be a fun spot to have sex in and nobody knew who it was.

My roommate took her man to a nearby park once to get her socks off. Those poor kids!

The Basement of your Hall

I am sad to say I have never ventured to this extreme. My current roommate managed to bang on the pool table in the basement of her residence hall. This also goes along with knowing what time the RA’s go on their rounds and keeping some clothes on just in case someone happens to stumble upon your horny antics.

There you have it. I hope these give you a few ideas the next time you want to satisfy your horniness but your roommate is in the way.


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