Masturbation and Why You Need to Try It


One day, I was talking to my friend and she told me she had never had an orgasm during sex. When I asked why, it was because she was uncomfortable and didn’t know how. I told her if she had ever masturbated. She looked at me as her face turned scarlet and replied, “I’ve never done that before.”

I remember when I first started masturbating. I was relatively young and embarrassed that anyone might find out. Now, at the age of 20, it’s a topic me and my best friend talk about quite a bit. When I found out my friend had never touched herself before, it was no wonder she had never had an orgasm during sex.

Unlike a male’s genitals, it’s hard to see our womanhood because of all the flaps and most of it is a hole. So unless you use a mirror or Google Search, much of our own body is a mystery to us. That is, unless you masturbate. Masturbation is way for everyone to explore your body. Here’s why.

In it’s simplest form, it’s a way to figure out which hole is which (if you haven’t figured that out already).

It’s a way to get to know your body and become comfortable with it. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be when you take off your clothes for your lover.

Most importantly, it’s way to figure out where your erogenous zones are. What are erogenous zones? Erogenous zones are areas of heightened sensitivity on your body that cause sexual pleasure. And these zones aren’t all located in your down under. They are located all over the body! Some people get turned on by getting their feet rubbed. Sometimes it’s the inner arms. The most common zones are the lips, neck, nipples, inner thigh, clitoris, and vagina. By masturbating you can figure out what gets you off whether it’s clitorally, vaginally, and/or some other erotic area. It’s possible to have an orgasm from nipple stimulation!

As you can see, by touching yourself, you can discover quite a bit about yourself. So give it a try and get to exploring.


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